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David Yallop

To Encourage The Others

First published: 1971     ISBN: 0 552 13451 1

The murder case that shook a generation

To Encourage The OthersOn 2nd November 1952, two teenagers were trapped by police on a warehouse roof. In the course of what the national press were to describe as 'a Chicago-style gun battle', P.C. Sidney Miles was shot between the eyes and died.

16-year-old Christopher Craig and 19-year-old Derek Bentley were subsequently arrested and sent to trial. They came to personify the disaffected youth of post-war Britain, but Derek Bentley became much more. His story and ultimate fate are unique annals of criminal history.

Originally published in 1971 and the subject of a BAFTA nominated television play by the author. This book and the evidence it contains twice forced Governments to reopen a murder case long closed it finally led in July 1993 to the granting of a posthumous Royal pardon to Derek Bentley.