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David Yallop

The Power and the Glory

First published: 2007     ISBN: 978-1-84529-446-5

The Power and the GloryIn 1984 David Yallop's In God's Name changed the way the world looked at the Vatican. The award-winning book went on to sell 6 million copies around the world, was on the New York Times best-seller list for 16 weeks and was translated in over 30 languages. In The Power and the Glory David Yallop returns to Rome with another explosive investigation: the true history of the papacy of John Paul II.

From the first moment of his election Karol Wojtyla sought political influence and a role on the world stage. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, he was a leader to millions of Catholics at a time of tremendous change. Promising a renewed church, he became the first `media Pope', travelling around the world to preach his. message. He was famous for his ability to appeal to the masses, to them a symbol of hope, while also courting political influence with presidents and world leaders. But is his official image all that it claims to be?

Yallop explores the realities of John Paul II's long reign and asks some difficult questions. Revealing for the first time new research from America, Poland, Russia and from within the Vatican itself, Yallop uncovers the true role of the Vatican in the momentous events of 1989 and the fall of Communism, the continued mismanagement of Vatican finances which allowed Roberto Calvi, head of the Banco Ambrosiano, and others who came after him to make use of the Vatican banks for money laundering, the failure to address the child abuse crisis that came to light in the 1980s, the rise of Opus Dei and the myth of the "Holy Alliance" between the White House and the Vatican.

Among the other myths that the book exposes are:the "heroic wartime years" of the Pope's life including his "brave and courageous activities during which he continuously put his own life at risk to save countless Jews"; his wartime work as a "slave labourer"; the decades in which he "confronted the Communist regime in Poland"; his "vital contribution to the creation of the Solidarity movement" his "incorruptibility" and his"role in the overthrow of European Communism. There is much more. Read the book and make your own judgement.