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David Yallop

The Day The Laughter Stopped

First published: 1976     ISBN: ISBN 0 552 13452

The Day The Laughter StoppedYallop's second book The Day The Laughter Stopped confirmed the view that a remarkable investigative talent had arrived. The book was widely acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic. The author located records officially destroyed some forty years earlier, witnesses that many had declared were long dead including the three women who at varying times were married to Roscoe Arbuckle. Two years research that ranged around the world uncovered the incredible true story behind the Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle scandal of 1921, when the far film comedian stood accused of the rape and murder of a pretty screen actress.

Arbuckle's is the story of a man born in extreme poverty who was destined to rise to the heights of a multi - million dollar career, only to have it snatched from him by a wave of hysteria and bigotry that swept the globe. It is the story of Hollywood and what really happened in the corridors of power; the political corruption of San Francisco; the immorality of a President. How Charlie Chaplin's career was saved. How Buster Keaton's was begun. Both by Arbuckle. It is a life story that ranges from comic heights to tragic depths.