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David Yallop

Deliver Us From Evil

First published: 1981     ISBN: 0 552 13454 6
'One evil man, with a hammer, a screwdriver, and a collection of knives and chisels, murdered again and again and again with impunity. Forensic science, sophisticated communication techniques, the national police computer, all were powerless against him...'

Deliver Us From EvilThe man they call the Yorkshire Ripper evaded the biggest manhunt in the history of this country for over five and a half years. He killed at least thirteen women and murderously attacked at least seven more. During his reign of terror, women living in the north of England were afraid to go out in the dark - afraid of the violent and obscene fate that could await them in the shadows...

David Yallop became determined to investigate these crimes after the murder of a girl who was the same age as his eldest daughter. For two years he interviewed police officers, victims' relatives, survivors, pathologists, prostitutes and many others His book captures one of the most evil men who ever lived.

And, most remarkable of all,he correctedly indentified seven months before the arrest of Peter Sutcliffe where the solution to the murders lay.