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David Yallop

Wednesday, 8th Dec 2010



The other side of the conundrum of how did we lose is how did Russia win? How could a nation which has yet to build thirteen of the sixteen stadiums required, convince the FIFA committee  to green light their bid ? A day before the result Russia had been labelled by U.S. diplomats as a “mafia State”.

The leaked cables painted a picture of a rogue State replete with arms trafficking,money laundering ,protection rackets  and kickbacks

that included suitcases full of bank notes shipped to Cyprus and then deposited in the local banks.

The corruption within Russia even extends to local football matches, between twenty and forty per cent of games being subjected to pre-match fixing, with the scores determined by organised crime.

Against that background to come out as winners is the clearest indication of a fix. This morning one FIFA source  insisted to me that for some of the committee who were attracted to the Russian bid the answer lay  in a bung ,sometimes cash, sometimes payment in kind an expensive months holiday for two ,or three if they were planning to take their mistress as well.
 These form of "payments" are traditional for some members of FIFA, others prefer
expensive jewellery.

The movement of match tickets for World Cup games is another way of laundering the bung. One of the greatest exponents of this particular device 
is Jack Warner.President of the Concaf Federation,often referred to as
"Three votes Jack" that being the number of votes he controls. Though in moments of great excitement Warner has exceeded the quantity that he can actually deliver. 





Posted by David on Wednesday, 8th Dec 2010