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David Yallop

Monday, 4th Apr 2011

The ever growing legacy of Pope John Paul II

The Vatican has now made public many of the details connected with the beatification
of Pope John Paul II. The vigil on the evening of Saturday April 30th.The beatification ceremony the following day in St Peter's Square. The veneration of the remains of new blessed. The Mass of thanksgiving. The internment in the Vatican Basilica within the chapel of Saint Sebastian. Every aspect
is covered except one. The evergrowing legacy of the late Pope.
This legacy includes  the continuing investigation by a papal commission into the gross activities of the 
sexual degenerate Father Marcial Maciel one of a number of sexual abusers who enjoyed the late Pope's
The commission are currently confronting the harrowing task of listening in Rome to testimony from a number of Maciel's victims.
 This particular Papal legacy is not confined to any one country the late Pope's continuing refusal to   confront the global cancer that is clerical sexual abuse continues to be demonstrated.For example in Philadelphia a recent grand jury report has asserted that within the diocese as many as thirty seven priests who have perpetrated sexual abuse remain in active ministry.
And finally there is the Vatican Bank,there is always the Vatican Bank, officially known as the Institute for Religious Works,this money laundering organisation staggers from one scandal to the next with 
impressive regularity.  By far the biggest of these scandals occurred under the Papacy of the late Pope. It has been announced that "tough new standards governing all financial transactions by Vatican 
agencies came into effect on April 1st . Sometimes life is wonderfully written. The date that this brave new financial child first saw the l;ight of day, happens of course to be April Fools day. 

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David A. Yallop      
Posted by David on Monday, 4th Apr 2011