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David Yallop

Beyond Reasonable Doubt?

First published: 1978     ISBN: 0 552 13453 8

Beyond Reasonable Doubt?On 17th June, 1970, in a small farming district, south of Auckland, New Zealand, Harvey and Jeanette Crewe were shot and killed in the lounge of their home. Five months later, a neighbour, Arthur Allan Thomas, was arrested, charged and found guilty of their murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. A retrial in 1972 ended with another guilty verdict.

David Yallop, author of To Encourage the Others and The Day the Laughter Stopped, two already celebrated books which dealt with miscarriages of justice, spent over a year in New Zealand investigating the case and became convinced of Thomas's innocence. In an open letter to New Zealand's Prime Minister, he demanded Thomas's release on the ground that he 'has not been found guilty beyond reasonable doubt He has in fact been found innocent beyond reasonable doubt.' In 1978, as a direct result of Yallop's intercession and the publication of this book, Thomas was granted a Royal Pardon and, in 1980, awarded nearly 1 million dollars in compensation for the nine years he had served behind bars.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt? is both a riveting work of high drama and a compelling insight into the machinery of criminal justice. A Number One International bestseller and the subject of widely acclaimed film, it is lasting testimony to David Yallop's reputation as the world's greatest investigative author.