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David Yallop

Beyond Belief

First released: 2010     ISBN: 978-1-84901-636-0

The Catholic Church and the Child Abuse Scandal

Beyond Belief As OF NOW, MANY PEOPLE across the world would not allow an unaccompanied child to enter a Roman Catholic Church.

This investigation covers many aspects of the issue: the history, the lies and the secret system of cover-up that reached the highest levels and implicated, among others, the late Pope John Paul II and his successor, Benedict XVI. The financial cost to the United States Church alone since the conspiracy began to unravel in 1983 is $6 billion, and rising. The cost in Ireland is in excess of $2 billion. It will cost the rest of the world at least another $2 billion.

The spiritual cost, however, is far greater. Sexual abuse of any kind by a priest is an act that, not just physically, but spiritually is nothing less than the rape of a victim.

What follows will in parts not make for easy reading. Neither did it make for easy research and writing.

U.K. Publishers Constable & Robinson.